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1. Playercard Positions ONLY. You may ONLY START a player at their PRIMARY playercard position. You may SUB IN a player at secondary position (if they have one.)

-Penalty: Any player playing out of position will be subject to a 3 game suspension. (teams highest rated player, GM may choose if multiple players tied as highest)

2. ALL TEAMS must set SUBSTITUTIONS TO MANUAL. We are not babies anymore. LEARN your roster, afterall, you make the trades. YOU make the bids.

-Penalty: Any member caught setting substitutions to AUTO will have a 1 game suspension. This is usually easy to spot aka FULL team subs all game. Player from starting 5 to sit 1 game.

3. FASTBREAKS off of TURNOVERS. Steals, blocked shots. User may push the tempo but ball handler must pass the half court line before making a pass.

3b. FB off of PG rebounds. Must pass half court line.

3c. Long Rebounds. Any rebound above the 3pt line. Must pass half court.

4. ON Ball Defense 24/7. MAN 2 MAN primary defense. Zone allowed in spurts, make sure you still on closest defender. this rule is implemented to have user vs. user more often. SWITCH on ball as fast as you can.

5. Inbound Stealing-OK in the 2nd or 4th Qtrs only! Be careful, you may get burned. If you mistakingly make a steal. Just hop outta bounds and return the ball.

6. 50% PIP RULE. Subtract Fastbreak divided by 2. IE. 100 total points. 58 PIP. 18 FB. 18/2 = 9. 58-9 is 49. <50%. Round up if fraction.
Penalty- Going over FB points results in RESET if rule breaker wins. OR player suspension of OPPONENT choosing when they play again.

7. GOLDEN RULE- Have respect. Do not run up the score. Do not shoot at the buzzer beater with the game away. If opponent is doing something wrong, MSG them a warning. If they dont listen or get rude. Dont respond the same. Save and forward msg to me.

8. PLAYER SUSPENSION- are to be dealt to a player consecutively. If one player should be out 2 games. You must sit the player in a row. Deadline is the all star game. ALL players should have served suspension. IF NOT, they are doubled post all star weekend.

9. TRADES- are to be viewed as wise. Any dumb trade and we will all get on you. and then the trade will be reset. Post all pending trades in the PENDING TRADES THREAD. UPDATE TEAM PAGES prior to using the players.

-penalty ..If one team or the other does not post updated team pages/rosters for one another or on their own. Trade will die and will not be able to send again if any of the players have been used by the new team. 3gm suspension to best player.

10. FINISHING ON TIME- Our league is demanding. But fair. Every 2 weeks you must complete 10-12 games. ANYTHING less will be simmed to keep you on pace.

-penalty-if you miss the MIN GAMES PLAYED mark at Every TWO weeks by 2 or more. You will be on the list for replacement OR you must bench 2 starters for 3 games.


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